2010 Products I Can’t Live Without

Due to the end of year coming and inspired by Kevin Rose’s list, I decided to mock up my own list of favorite products over time. Here is my 2010 list of products, tools and services I can’t live without:

  • MacBook Pro – My primary computer. Doing all computing work on it.
  • Safari – Web browser of choice. Was using Chrome before but since I have Mac Safari suits me better.
  • Gmail – Best email service and client on earth. Recently started using it with Sparrow desktop client.
  • Evernote – All my notes and todo lists sits here (or there… I mean on cloud). If you era not using Evernote start. Free plan is enough for me.
  • iPhone 3G – Always with me.
  • Gowalla – I do not want to give praise but I was first to create spot in Poland, using Gowalla since then to ‘check in’ places.
  • Tweetie (Twitter) – I mostly use Twitter to follow some people from web industry.
  • Facebook – One and only social network.
  • Dropbox – I’m sure there is no surprise here, but honestly if you are not using Dropbox you are surely missing out.
  • Boxee – Using Boxee app to watch movies and TV shows from the couch.
  • Coda – Doing all my coding work here.
  • Photoshop – After Coda my most used work tool.
  • 0to255 – Colour problems solver.

What are some tools, services or websites you couldn’t live without this past year?


I’ve bought Eliss some time ago. Simple graphic, nice music, straightforward controls and interesting idea. The goal is to group and split planets to fit them into squeesar this gives supernovas which dissapear. Each completed supernova gives you one point. Crucial is to keep planets of different colours apart. When different colours overlay part of life meter is taken away. Gameplay is a little like Twister for your fingers.

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Divvy – window(s) resizer for Mac

Recently I’ve encountered a problem which is the resizing of window(s) on a Mac. Do not get me wrong scaling windows is very simple, what can be annoying for example, is maximizing the window in the Windows way (to fill the entire screen available). For example, maximized Safari occupies the entire height of the screen but the width has to be adjusted manually.

After ‘asking’ Google a few questions I’ve received a list of several programs whose goal was to change the window sizes. After reviewing their options and how to handle one seemed interesting.

Divvy, as the only, offered interface. To change the size you just select desired number of previously defined rectangles you want the window to occupy. After assigning global shortcut to it it is really fast and straightforward. With the price of $14 it in not the best bargain but entering coupon code I’ve been able to save 20%.

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Horror Vacui iPhone app

Another iPhone app review. This time I’m taking a look at Horror Vacui by Shaun Inman (well known from his commercial projects Mint and Fever).

Horror Vacui is a strategy board game with one simple rule “Nature abhors a vacuum”. Actually rules are more complex but since you play it a few times they become clear. There are two players: water and earth. Each of them is randomly given one of three cards: hot, cold or neutral. Oposite nonneutral cards neutralize each other. Hot or cold makes neutral hot or cold and neutral stays neutral. Rules are explained in nifty ingame tutorial with animations.

As to the design app is made to look like old 8bit games. It is very interesting to see this kind of design on such a modern device like iPhone. Also the music is stylised to the old console games from early 80’s.

Shaun Inman is working on new game Mimeo. This will be platforming game and I’m really looking forward to it.

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MTB Season Opening

First bike ride of this year is behind me!!! I’ve taken out my bike after a half year break. He needed no repairs just quick tyre inflation check at nearby Orlen gas station. Hopefully he will last whole season without any problems. However I have short wishlist of parts I would like to upgrade:

  • fork [RS Pike would be nice or anything more sophisticated than Suntour Duro :)]
  • grips
  • rear derailleur [it’s not most accurate after last accident]
  • frame [I know that 14kg is not the worst score for bike with fat (2.6″) tires but something lighter would be nice, maybe full suspension]

Generally my dream bike would be Specialized S-Works Enduro Carbon but it’s waaaay out of my price range…
Specialized S-Works Enduro Carbon
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