Facebook profile picture 101

In this little tutorial I will list some advices that will help you create more interesting Facebook profile picture. Sure most of Facebook users will just upload a photo of themselves and change it from time to time to more recent one. But with just a little effort and tips from this tutorial your profile can stand out from the crowd.

Size matters, so if you upload a foto of yourself it is usually resized to fit left sidebar of your profile. Sidebar is 200 px width consequently we need to keep our picture equal or smaller to avoid resizing. As to the height we can create picture up to 600 px. Using whole height we can accomplish neat effect or contain some additional info about ourselves.

Above rules and tips can be applied to Facebook pages.

You can download .psd file with background prepared for developing your picture.

One thought on “Facebook profile picture 101”

  1. Looks awesome, but if your status is 2 lines or longer, it screws up for obvious reasons. So keep your status short or upload versions for 1, 2 and 3 lines long status. ;]

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