MTB Season Opening

First bike ride of this year is behind me!!! I’ve taken out my bike after a half year break. He needed no repairs just quick tyre inflation check at nearby Orlen gas station. Hopefully he will last whole season without any problems. However I have short wishlist of parts I would like to upgrade:

  • fork [RS Pike would be nice or anything more sophisticated than Suntour Duro :)]
  • grips
  • rear derailleur [it’s not most accurate after last accident]
  • frame [I know that 14kg is not the worst score for bike with fat (2.6″) tires but something lighter would be nice, maybe full suspension]

Generally my dream bike would be Specialized S-Works Enduro Carbon but it’s waaaay out of my price range…
Specialized S-Works Enduro Carbon

So with new season there is time for some new training progress tracking system. So far I’ve been using It was working more than fine but during winter I stumbled on DailyMile is nice junction of training log and twitter. The main power of this system is developed Workout Posting module. We can post many types of activities (Fitness, Run, Cycle, Swim, Walk and more), add a new route or select old one, add note and even sync all data from external device. After posting we can view our progress in very nice set of graphs.

I hope that this season will be great. I’m looking forward for summer holiday and maybe anoyher MTB trip… (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


2 thoughts on “MTB Season Opening”

  1. it’s sweet when you call your bike ‘he’ ;) ja też dziś sporo jeździłam, ale zdecydowanie bardziej osiedlowo ;P

  2. Musimy kiedyś zrobić jakąś wycieczkę rowerową (maraton???). Zwłaszcza że wypożyczalnia jest już otwarta :)

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