Twitter background 101

So you have Twitter account from some time. Wether it is your personal or company account it is good to personalize the look and feel to represent your selfhood or image of business. Of course there is nothing wrong about having default background all of Twitter’s predefined images are lovely and clean.

Let’s see what are main trends in Twitter background industry and learn something about creating them.

1. Repeating pattern
This technique is probably as old as internet. We just need small image and it will be repeated to fill whole background. If we will craft one special tile we can achieve endless pattern. This kind of background will fill display with every resolution.

2. Super large image
This solution provides larger area for our creativity but the drawbacks are large image size (longer loading time) and not full screen coverage on very big resolution.

3. Faded out image
My personal favourite and neatest approach. Combination of image faded out to solid colour and same colour set as Twitter background. This scales up to every monitor size.

Create your own?

There are virtually no limitations regarding designing Twitter background. Only rule to remember is that column with tweets is fixed width and regarding viewers resolution more or less of background is visible.

You can read more and find inspiration in this post about Twitter backgrounds. There is useful Photoshop template available to download.

You are more than welcome to be inspired by my own Twitter background.

— UPDATE — After launching #newtwitter central box width has changed so there is a new template.

One thought on “Twitter background 101”

  1. Cool stuff. With full screen you could go really creative and come up with neat designs, but it wouldn’t scal properly for all resolutions. :/ Faded out image is my personal favourite too. Easy to get done with. :P Twitter should really have more design options, it sucks how most of Twitter profiles look exactly the same…

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